Why do we need a price on carbon?

It's simple. If we make carbon pollution expensive, we'll get less of it. And less carbon pollution means less climate change. Put another way, a price on carbon makes fossil fuels like coal and oil more expensive. And when that happens people switch to cheaper forms of energy like wind and solar. It's THE SOLUTION to climate change.

  • When companies have to pay to pollute, they create less pollution.

  • A price on carbon makes renewable forms of energy more affordable.

  • Anywhere you put a price on carbon you create jobs and generate money.

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    Carbon pricing is already working in many countries. See where!

Who supports a price on carbon?

Where is carbon pricing happening?

  • Regions with carbon pricing laws
  • Regions fighting for carbon pricing
  • Organizations fighting for carbon pricing

How can I fight for a price on carbon?

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